The Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Is Stalling In Growth… And How To Fix Them

Have your sales slowed down?

Advertising with little result?  

Spending loads of time blogging and on social media and still little interest from potential clients?

Have you got all the infrastructures, branding, website, sales funnels ....and you're absolutely exhausted because it's still not working the way it should do?

If this sounds like you, then you’ve probably got a bad case of mis-alignment in your marketing, messaging and mindset.

Here are the top 10 reasons why your business isn’t working properly and how you can fix them:

#1 Not Getting Enough Customers

Clearly targeting the RIGHT type of customers and knowing the Who, What, Where, When and Why, can significantly increase the number of sales into your business.  When you understand what your customers really want, you’re able to find them and understand their buying motivations.  Now, let's take that one step deeper by saying you need to need to understand your customers at a 'cellular' level if your marketing, messaging and offers are doing to resonate and get traction.

#2 Spending Time Blogging and on Social Media

This is a bad case of ‘vanity marketing’ if you’re not getting the level of sales you want for next-level growth.  Being able to write clear, concise copy that attracts your IDEAL customers and motivates them to act, is a skill that can be learned, and will put money into your bank account - but simply writing nice articles and giving away your skills for free … well, that won’t.

#3 Hustling For New Customers Constantly

This is exhausting for any business owner.  That sporadic ‘hit and miss marketing’ or relying on word of mouth for referral business – all that does is raise the blood pressure and stress to unacceptable levels.  Having online automation in your business will attract and bring you leads automatically 24/7 and that’s a much nicer and more relaxed way of doing business, wouldn’t you agree?  But, without understanding these customers and what they truly want from you doesn't matter how much infrastructure you have still wont work.

#4 All The Gear and No Idea

You’ve got the shiny website, the fantastic brand and your friends and family comment regularly on how well you’re doing.  The painful truth is that you know your business isn’t working properly and you’re not getting the sales you need and want.  When this happens, a high contributing factor is usually mindset issues. A fear of being truly ‘seen’ and when this happens the painful reality is that unless you fix your mindset, you will have to live with an imposter syndrome with declining sales and a failing business.

#5 Suffering From Business Burnout

Are you exhausted from running your business?   Juggling your personal commitments, employees, marketing, sales, finance … you name it, you’re constantly fire-fighting and you’ve had enough.   The reason for this is that you haven’t mastered the skills of Automation, Delegation and Elimination. When you do, you’ll have a business that works for you, and not the other way around.  It also could mean that its time for you to pivot, change or move on from the business you're running up until now ... a change is as good as a rest (and businesses come and go, but entrepreneurship is for life).

#6 Hitting The Glass Ceiling of Growth

It’s called the rule of 168.   That’s how many hours you have in a week.  We all have the same and if you’re working on a 1-2-1 basis, your time and income potential will be capped.   To grow a business in terms of scalability, you must be able to replicate your results through automation and working one to many, instead of 1-2-1.  When you do this, you will make your life easier, less stressful and increase your income potential hugely.

#7 No Competitive Advantage

The biggest mistake any business can make is trying to re-invent the wheel when people in a similar, or same industry, already have the recipe of success.   We’re talking global benchmarking. If you’re trying to experiment in your business without proper consideration and research, on what is already working in your industry, then this is the quickest way to sink your money, your time and your energy.   You’ll also be constantly playing catch-up.

#8 No Focus.  No Plan. No Strategy

The brain is like a heat seeking missile when it comes to focus.  Of course, it depends what you’re focusing on! Whatever you think about, you bring about.  Not having any plan or strategy will have you flailing around with inconsistent results. This in turn, leads to confusion, indecision, lack of direction and uncertainty in yourself, your employees (if you have any), your customers and your suppliers.  When you have a strategic plan (written and emotionalized ...that last bit is the thing that's missed out most of the time), you’ll know exactly where your business is going, how to get there and the certainty to make it happen…and that’s contagious.

#9 Mis-alignment in the BIG 3

Being mis-aligned in your business is like having a really bad back.  It hurts. It can knock you off your feet. It makes you feel helpless and vulnerable.   This is what happens when you are mis-aligned in either, or all of the following three areas:  Your Marketing, your Messaging or your Mindset. If a piece is not in the right position, in any of these three areas, your sales will start to decline, your marketing messages will not be getting through to the right audience and your confidence levels will be knocked.

#10 The Hidden Business Syndrome

It’s like having a shop with no sign.  The hidden business syndrome means that you have the structure of a business, but no-one really knows you exist … and that’s painful.  Your sales will be low, and perhaps non-existent at times. You’ll feel like your business is the ‘best kept secret’ and then you’ll resort to reducing your prices, and this will corrode your confidence.    There are several reasons that you may be suffering from the hidden business syndrome – typically this is caused by mis-alignment in the areas of Marketing, Messaging and Mindset. When you get these areas into alignment, you will take back your personal power and truly step into the world, which raises the credibility and visibility of your business AND increases your sales!