The 3 Areas of Business Alignment…

Business is simple, not easy.  It’s like a recipe and when you get the right ingredients, in the right order and follow the instructions, you can create something amazing.

This is what I’ve learnt over several decades of being a multi-passionate entrepreneur and working with hundreds and hundreds of successful clients from all over the world.  

If you get the recipe right, you’ll be rewarded with enormous success and if you get it wrong, you’ll end up crying, broken and on your knees.   It happened to me more than once before I discovered this formula.

When I finally recognised these three areas of business alignment, which I now call business alchemy, it truly changed the lives of the clients I worked with, and it also changed my life too.

You see, there are three critical areas of your business that you need in total alignment and when this happens, something incredible occurs.  You start attracting your ideal customers or clients; Your sales start to increase, not decline AND, your business growth accelerates.

The three areas that create business alchemy are:  


There is a warning though.  If any of these areas are out of alignment, even in the smallest way, your business won’t reach its full potential, your sales will start to decline, and you might even end up on the scrapheap of broken businesses…and sadly, this is what happens way too often.

So, let me talk you through the simple, not easy, business alchemy recipe:

With your Marketing there are three critical areas you need to have in alignment:

  • Lead Flow which equates to cash flow

You need to know EXACTLY who your ideal customers are (not demographics anymore, that’s so outdated, cold and dead).   From that you’ll know EXACTLY where to invest your money and how to attract more of them to your business.

  • Deliverability

Once you’ve found your ideal customers, you need to make it easy for them and this is where sales structures are concerned.  Your aim is to get them to take immediate action – not just to browse and say how wonderful your products or services are.

P.S.  This also makes your life SO MUCH easier, maximising your time, efforts and giving you greater return on investment.

  • Pricing

I would estimate that about 80% of businesses are undercharging for their products and services.   It’s not necessarily the products and services that are inferior, it’s the mindset of the owner, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Even increasing your prices by a small percentage has a cumulative effect that can dramatically improve your bottom line.   The other trick is to get your customers to buy more often from you.

The next part of the recipe is Messaging.   

Now if you don’t get your messaging correct this will throw all of you marketing out of alignment.  So, what you need for success here is:

  • Correct messaging allows you to clearly define the pain points of your ideal customers.  People move faster away from pain than they do pleasure – if you’re aware of their pain and their pleasure you’ve hit the sweet spot.
  • Get this part right and your audience relates to you as if you’ve crawled inside their head.  That creates rapport and empathy with your target audience. Business is all about know, like and trust.

The last and most crucial part of the recipe is Mindset.

You can have the most amazing marketing in place – all that glittery stuff like websites, and sales funnels and your messaging is spot on … and still be looking at zeros in your bank balance.

The reason?

You’ve got a case of ‘stinky thinking’ and this can completely sabotage your business success.

By identifying WHERE you’re out of alignment in your mindset, you can start to work on realigning with your passion and purpose.  When this happens your confidence increases, there is an improvement in your self-esteem levels and guess what ‘magically’ happens?  Yes, that’s right. Your business starts to get noticed, your sales increase and your business is finally the success that you always dreamed of.

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