How to Sell 80% More by Marketing Less, Even If You’ve Got Hundreds of Products…

When Helen came to me she had 3,000 different products in her range, and although she had a highly successful and multiple 6-figure business, she was noticing that her business was plateauing in growth and it was becoming increasingly difficult to attract higher-spending customers.

She probably thought what many product business owners do, which is surely if you add more products to your range, it will be easier for you to market and advertise what you do?


In fact, you’ll probably just end up completely frazzled, trying to market all your products everywhere, hopping from one marketing activity to another – frustrated that your marketing is so complicated.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, the answer is counter-intuitive. It’s about marketing fewer products, to make more money.

How is this possible, you ask?

It’s what I call ‘Claiming Your Everest’. Putting the flag in the mountain and saying ‘This is what I offer and I’m the best’.

I’ll explain what I mean …

It’s like someone walking into a shop that sells EVERYTHING. It’s all scattered about, no real sections to find things easily.

It’s an abuse of your senses.

You walk into this shop with an idea of what you’re looking for, and you may browse for a little while, but it gets overwhelming and, in the end, you walk out without buying anything.

Do you know what I mean?

The truth is, it’s what happens online all the time if you get this wrong. And it happens in seconds, not minutes.

Customers landing on your site, trying desperately to find the thing they need and want, and then clicking away and going to your competitors.

The depressing thing is, you DID sell what they needed and wanted, it’s just that you didn’t put it in front of them straight away.

Online customers are so fickle.

When you claim your ‘Everest’, you’re claiming what your IDEAL customers want and need. You can then segment your product lines, segment your marketing … and in turn, you can reach your customers where they are when they want you.

This is the biggest reason that some of my clients are doubling and tripling their incomes and increasing sales by 80% … in just a few months. I know, it sounds crazy, doesn’t it? I can’t guarantee this, but it’s totally doable and they’re the testament to the fact.

Because they first ‘claimed their Everest’ and then they streamlined their product ranges so that they could reach more of their target audience who wanted what they were selling.

It sounds simple and it is. But it’s not easy – otherwise, everyone would be doing it and have hugely successful businesses!

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