My greatest joy is seeing my clients

Stand Stronger 

We work with the most committed, decisive and ambitious business owners who have already gained traction and success in their businesses, and are now looking for that 'strategic' edge to take their businesses to the next level of growth for themselves and their teams.

I'm so delighted and excited to share a selection of interviews with some of our amazing clients who continue to go from strength to strength as powerful female entrepreneurs - whatever business and life throws at them.


Heather helped us re-align our brand so that we could attract more of our IDEAL clients (top UK premium brands who need high quality, premium promotional staffing). 

The Persona Workshop was enlightening - we realised that our brand colours, corporate identity and communications were all out of alignment with our ideal clients.  This became the foundation for change and enabled us to completely transform our brand identity which is now more in alignment with our ideal clients and agencies that we work with.    


When I met Heather, our business was in the most challenging place it had been in its 100 year history.

We needed fast, strategic advice on the strongest positioning for our business and product.  In the end, with Heather's help, we totally re-branded, created a brand new product range, completed a retail 'make-over' and secured our business future ... hopefully for another 100 years!


Heather was a pleasure to work with.  She instantly got what we were trying to achieve and was always on hand to help us implement these changes.

The Persona Workshop gave us so much clarity on our ideal audiences and then we got to work on building the sales and webinar funnel.   The copywriting masterclass allowed me to hone my skills as a writer in a new way that really connects with my readers.   Tremendous value for money and unwavering help and support to make these changes happen.



Business is not easy.  It’s challenging, just like life. It requires grit, determination, resourcefulness, commitment and coachability.  Our ‘work with us’ programmes are intense, high investment, business implementation masterminds that require you to show up 100% all in, and playing full out! Any less and you will not get the results you’re looking for.

Please do not even contemplate reaching out to work with us if you haven’t got the financial means to afford them and the determination to show up and take action.

Even though some of our clients have had incredible results, there is no guarantee that you will too – everyone, and every business is different.  Therefore, please do not take this video testimonial as a promise or guarantee of earning potential.  This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

Your business success will depend on your level of experience, expertise, finances, knowledge, and skills.  Since all these are variable factors and differ according to the business owner (and free will), it would be impossible and unethical to say that you will be guaranteed success, potential earnings, or financial performance.

Many factors will be important in determining your individual business success and no guarantees will be given that you will achieve results similar to ours, or any of our clients.  Your business and your results are 100% your responsibility.