The Most Powerful Customer, Brand and Marketing Alignment Process in the World!

The Persona Marketing Method 
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What is P.M.M. (Persona Marketing Method) and how can it help dramatically increase your sales and accelerate your business growth in a matter of months, rather than years?

It's a facilitated, accelerated learning technique, based on cognitive science, quantum physics and performance psychology.  It has been developed over 25 years by Heather Gifford-Jenkins, which enables the user to tap into the emotional intelligence and 'identity' of their brand (or energy behind their business) and the psyche and behavioural aspects of their ideal customers.  

This process uses the most powerful thing available to us all ... our mind, allowing the business owner to literally remote view their ideal customers, taking them on a 'customer journey' visualisation to discover WHY an ideal customer would buy a particular product or service, uncovering the 'trigger points' for purchase (the WHEN) and from this information the user is able to understand WHERE the best to place and platform to target and market to this customer actually is ...saving time, money and effort.

After this powerful process is completed, it becomes extremely clear what aspects of their brand, marketing and messaging is out of alignment, in terms of attracting their ideal customers and the positioning of their business in the market.

In addition to this, the PMM process also identifies the 'customer voice' and once you've learned this powerful copywriting technique you are able to communicate at a level that truly resonates with these ideal customers so they take action to buy from you.

This entire process is a powerful uplevelling and alignment of a business, it's marketing, communication and processes (and can take as little as 12 weeks) - and add in the additional performance psychology for the owner and you have a busines on rocket fuel!

Watch these client videos to understand the dramatic and powerful impact it can have on your life and your business success.



"When you're not attracting the customers you need and want, the first place to look is your level of emotional intelligence concerning your target audience.   When these become powerfully aligned with your products or services, you can then align all your marketing and communication so that is attracts your IDEAL customers.  That's when you'll see an increase in sales and acceleration in your business growth - that's the power of The Persona Marketing Method."