The REAL Reason Your Clients Aren’t Buying From You

Did you know that right now, it’s possible for you to double your sales in less than 12 weeks?

I’ll explain how in just a second.

But first, let’s talk about why so many people think this is impossible.

The truth is that you’ve been LET DOWN.

Let down by so many marketing experts who want you to believe their funnels, social media strategies and advertising techniques are the answer to getting you more customers.

And, on the surface, I get it.  It sounds the right thing to do, right?

Here’s the thing, in the past, customer buying habits were predictable and you’d use something called ‘demographics’ to define your market (customer age, sex, location, job etc.).  You’d then market to these customers using offline, traditional marketing methods.

Then everything changed with the invention of the internet … and with it, loads of different online marketing activities and systems were being touted as the ‘next best thing’ and businesses flocked to try these new ways of online marketing, whilst still defining their customers using the old demographic tool.

But, let me just come right out and say it: Demographics is DUMB.  Here’s why:

  • When demographics was invented, there was only two ways of customers buying from you, post and in person. The telephone hadn’t even been invented!  It won’t tell you the BEST place to put your marketing focus and how to cost-effectively reach them.
  • This basic, surface level, logical style of research is cold and dead today. It doesn’t tell you anything about today’s complex buying habits of your customers … it’s very crowded place online and you’ll get totally lost in the ‘noise’ and overlooked if you use it.
  • Even adding a pretty customer avatar photo to this basic research will keep your business playing small, restrict sales and stifle growth, because it’s 2-D level activity.

But, the biggest reason of all is using demographic, surface level research won’t work effectively with sales funnels, content marketing, social media, online advertising … and this is an absolute tragedy because people are investing so much time and money in these online marketing activities and wondering why it’s not working for them.

So, if that’s the old and DUMB way … what’s the new and SMART way?

Connecting psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

Here’s why this is BRILLIANT:

  1. People always buy on emotion FIRST and then justify with logic afterwards. By connecting with them on this level, you can tap into their buying motivations, so they are attracted to you, rather than your competitors.
  2. By digging deep into their psyche, you’ll know exactly what they love, hate, attract and repel. This makes ALL your advertising, sales and marketing much stronger. You’ll know how to powerfully communicate with them, building the ‘know, like and trust’ relationship 100x faster.
  3. Today’s consumers are very savvy. We live in a fast-moving, attention grabbing society, and online marketing is getting faster every day.  Knowing how to target your audience online, with laser-like focus, will enable you to concentrate your marketing efforts where you’ll get the greatest return on investment.

And the best part of it is like you’re a ‘fly on the wall’ of your ideal customer’s life …and that’s what’s going to enable you to increase your sales and accelerate your business growth, without the frustration, stress and worry of why your online marketing is not working properly.

Do you see how powerful that is?

Here’s the thing, though: no one else is teaching this.  And the ones that are, don’t really understand it at this depth.

I’d love to talk to you about how you can use this idea to double your sales in less than 12 weeks and one way we can do that (other than you working with me 1 on 1) is to join me in my free Facebook Group:  '6-figure female CEOs Scaling For Growth'.  I look forward to meeting you there!