***Invitation To Work With Me***

I have an amazing offer for experienced female owners of successful 6-figure businesses, with or without teams, (coaches, agency owners and retailers are my favourites) who have lost strategic focus, control and direction of their business and feel like they want to pivot for stronger market positioning (perhaps new clients, new offers, new messaging and new product/service development).

This offer is all about getting you, as the CEO, leader, and director of your business, re-focussed, back on track for hitting your next scaling milestone with a strategy to attract the customers you really want and with a business that is totally aligned with its core values and mission (and doing all this whilst bringing more confidence, certainty and falling in love with your business once more)..

The programme involves working very closely with me for 6-weeks on the following things:


We start by having a ‘clutter-clearing’ session where we bring out everything about your business and look at it – your positioning, your offers, your ideal customers, multipliers of growth and we really see what you need, what you don’t need, what you love, what you don’t love and what you want to keep – clearing away all unnecessary distractions to help you, as the business owner, think clearer and more strategically.


Then, we get you more connected to your business at a much deeper level, with its core values and uniqueness, for greater strategic direction and growth, by using my unique process where you’ll conceive your business as 'a person' (uncovering its unique personality, voice, tone, style and preferences). You’ll dive deep and learn what it actually stands for, its purpose, its direction and its values, including what it will tolerate and where it should be seen and heard. This process will allow you to become a stronger business owner and authentic leader, helping you discern what opportunities are the right ones to drive next-level growth. Using these guiding principles, you’ll never feel alone at the top again and you’ll be able to make simple decisions that are totally aligned to the core values of your business.


We then piggy-back off this business ‘persona’ process and get you re-connected with the customers that you truly want to attract for next level growth. We take a journey into your customer’s psyche (a bit like wearing virtual reality goggles!) where you’ll ask specific questions about their likes, dislikes and buying behaviours. This will allow you and your team to have a huge insight into what your customers are looking for and because of that, you’ll make stronger offers, craft more powerful messaging and really resonate with your target audience (so they feel like you’re a fly on the wall in their lives).

You’ll receive templates, visualisation exercises, worksheets and video instructions which walk you step-by-step through this powerful process, preparing you for our 1:1 coaching, business and customer persona workshops and unlimited support during our time together.

The right type of person for this intensive CEO-level mentoring programme will be looking for accountability to keep them on track, strong feminine leadership, and personal empowerment (strategy with heart and soul connection) so they can confidently lead and inspire those around them to make positive changes.

The process and practices I share with you in this programme are the same ones I’ve used for the more than 25 years of owning businesses in the service, agency, manufacturing, retail, coaching and online sectors (from kitchen table to million-pound agency and everything in between) and running teams from 1 to 20.

Past clients of this programme have utilized these strategies to get back in control of their high growth businesses to gain between 30-80% increases in growth per annum, attracting higher spending clients (adding an additional 30k-100k+ to their bottom line) and hugely increasing their personal confidence as business leaders, improving their happiness, and peace of mind.

The investment for this offer is set at a totally doable mid-four figures (£) which is a total business no-brainer (especially when you have a business that's already making over four figures per month) and the huge growth opportunities this will generate, along with the increase in team productivity levels and improved effectiveness of your marketing. . 

In order to qualify for this offer, you must already have a business that is making 6-figures (or well on your way), know how to market and sell your products or services and want to pivot or change-up your business for next-level growth (new ideal customers, offers and messaging).

You’ll also have a passion for what you do (with great products or services), you’ll be a high achiever with ambitions for growth and a ‘creative spark’ in your heart to make the world a better and happier place (maybe you identify as a bit of a spiritual seeker too?).

If you are interested in working together, simply send me a message on Facebook and we'll have a conversation over Messenger.  I’ll ask you a few questions, answer any of your questions and if it’s a fit, we can get started the same day.