The TRUE Cost of Low Customer Connection

Does this sound like you?

You’re spending hours on social media, posting every day and getting loads of ‘likes’ but very few people reaching out to you.

You’ve tried everything you can do to get more online customers/clients – sales funnels, messenger marketing, facebook advertising …you name it, you’ve thrown a lot of money, time and effort at it …and now you’re exhausted.

It feels like you’ve changed your website a thousand times and you still can’t get people reaching out.

Perhaps you’re in a crowded online marketplace, getting lost in all that noise and competition.

You find yourself thinking “Surely, it shouldn’t be this difficult to make money in my business?”

I mean, it’s not as if you’re selling rubbish, is it?  People are always telling you how great your products or services are – so why are you feeling like you’re getting no-where fast?

And, look at your competition, they seem to be ‘knocking it out of the park’ and that’s really frustrating because you know that what you’re selling is 100x better than them.

It feels like you’re always one step behind them.

And, of course, you know who your customers are, right?

You know their age, their sex, where they live, what jobs they have …you’ve even downloaded one of those pretty, online, customer avatar sheets and given your customers a name.

Listen.  It’s not your fault.

You see, targeting and marketing has been moved up a gear, so those outdated, paper-based methods just aren’t getting the results they used to.

The reason?

They don’t connect you EMOTIONALLY with your ideal customers and this is now essential for online engagement.

Here’s the truth:  95% of buying decision are made by the emotional ‘sub-conscious’ mind.  So, it stands to reason that any paper-based, ‘logical’ targeting will never really hit the mark.

Until you’re able to connect at a deep emotional and energetic level with your ideal customers you’ll always have second rate marketing.  And that’s a fact.

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  And it is … but it’s not easy.

To tap into the emotional sub-conscious level of your ideal customers, you need to go there FIRST yourself.  Because you actually know your ideal customers better than you realise.

When you tap into your ideal customers at a sub-conscious level you will know them better than they know themselves.  Your marketing will take on a whole new meaning because you’ll know EXACTLY how to communicate effectively with them and you’ll also know the emotional triggers of why they’ll buy from you.

Sounds crazy?  Perhaps.

But my clients who are using this vibrational alignment technique have been able to dial in their sales and marketing and take their businesses to a whole new level.

Some of them have been able to increase their sales by 80% in just 12 weeks.   Others have been able to double their pricing and pack out their calendars with events and bookings.

The bottom line is that they’re now able to work smarter, rather than harder, at attracting their ideal customers.

Add in the sales and marketing systems and strategy and this is dynamite for any business.

But, if there’s a catch, then here it is.

This isn’t for everyone.

You must really want to free yourself from all that hustling to find customers.  You must be willing to take your business seriously, so you can get a return on investment for all your marketing activities, not just now, but for the rest of your business life.

Finally, you must want to take your business (and yourself) to a higher level of growth and certainty.

And remember, products and services are designed to satisfy a customer desire or want and whether you like it or not, those desires will always contain an emotional component… the question is, do you know how to effectively communicate this?

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