5 Things To ‘Master Your Marketing’ And Increase Your Sales

May I ask you a question?

If everyone is using the same marketing technology, the same social media platforms and the same marketing activities, how can any business REALLY stand out from the crowd nowadays and attract loyal customers, who spend more and stay longer?

The simple truth …

They can’t unless they truly connect to their customers, as human beings, rather than transactions or pots of cash.

If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself.  My name is Heather Gifford-Jenkins and I help female business owners of product or service businesses (both offline and online), to ‘take their power back in business’ by using Emotional Intelligence Marketing to truly align and connect with their ideal customers so that they can increase their sales and accelerate their business growth.

So, moving into this new decade of marketing, how can a business really stand out and succeed when we now live in a world where technology has connected everyone and disconnected all the humans?

First, let me give you a bit of background to what’s really going on.

The old, traditional way of marketing is now dying a slow death and the reason is that before the internet (let’s call it B.T.I.) you were able to do ‘broad brush’ marketing which was very generic.  There were only a few ways customers could buy from you, and it was relatively uncomplicated interactions.

Nowadays, consumers are more connected GLOBALLY online, they’re more savvy about their choices and preferences, and if you’re making the mistake of still using broad, generic marketing … you’re going start stalling, your sales are going to slow down and your business will shrink and then disappear.

Having a high level of emotional intelligence and connection in your marketing communications is CRUCIAL for your business success, especially if you want to survive and thrive in this new decade.  The level of intimacy that is needed in your marketing will allow you to truly connect with your target audience and convert them into raving, loyal fans.

If, however, you’re a business that is still focusing on rational logic in your marketing, and simply selling on features and benefits, you’re going to have such a tough ride.  The reason is people buy with EMOTION first, and then justify their purchase with logic afterwards, and when you understand this, your marketing will change, and you’ll have a competitive EDGE.

So, if you can connect the rational bit of marketing, with the emotional intelligence bit … then you’re going to hit gold!  And that’s what we show our clients, and the reason they get such incredible breakthroughs, both personally and professionally, increasing their sales and accelerating their business growth …fast.

What are the 5 things you need to ‘Master Your Marketing’ and tap into the emotional intelligence of your business?

  1. Know your Business Identity (ID-entity). This is the personality behind your business and brand.   Because, your business has DNA encryption that is truly unique to YOU, the founder.   Find out your business beliefs, values, personality traits and you’ll have a huge advantage over your competitors – THINK Steve Jobs and APPLE for example.
  2. Understand your customers and, more importantly, understand that they’re all DIFFERENT. This means (a) you need to know WHO they are so you can sort them into groups (b) what their preferences are / why they want to buy (c) understand their REAL motivation for buying your product/service #HINT: You’re not selling what you think you’re selling!
  3. Ditch the EGO and the ‘me-me’ marketing. This is so old-school. People get turned off by it and repelled.  If you don’t flip your marketing communication on its head and start focusing on your customers, you’ll come across as sleazy, salesy and unpalatable.  It’s actually a paradox.  When you focus on your customers more and talk less about yourself and your business, you’ll create rapport, empathy and huge levels of loyalty for your business and brand.
  4. Bring power and purpose to your communications by imagining that all your customers are like different countries around the world, and they have their own language. If you don’t get this right in your marketing and you start speaking French, to someone who only understands Italian, your marketing and your messaging is going to get totally lost in translation!
  5. When you fully understand WHO your Ideal customers are, you can then match them to their ideal products or services, and you can speak to them in their language. You can also make sure that your overall brand and business is packaged and positioned to meet these customers where they ARE.  That’s going to save you tons of time, energy and money because you won’t have to hustle for them or look for a needle in a haystack.

In the Persona Marketing Method™ which I created, we use what’s called an ‘Empathy Mapping Technique’ which is very powerful because it allows someone to truly ‘walk in the shoes’ of their customers, appreciating the behavioural drivers behind any purchase.

Because here’s the truth.  People are sick to death of that impersonal marketing that treats them like a user, a consumer or a subscriber.

They are HUMAN BEINGS and they are unique.  They have wants, needs and specific behaviours.

They want you to respect their situation, their uniqueness and their intelligence and if you just treat them like a cash register, or don’t care who they are as long as they buy from you … you will not attract the customers you really need and want. You’ll also lose them quickly to another business who does.

When you truly connect and align your business, your team, your marketing and yourself, with your IDEAL customers, you will undoubtedly gain huge brand loyalty with more engagement … and you’ll have a full and positive impact on them, which will reflect in your sales, conversions and retention rates.

So, I hope you found that useful and as always if you want to learn more about powerful business alignment techniques, you can check out the free training at www.heathergifford.com/learnmore … or if you’re ready to really take your power back in business and truly connect at a heart and soul level and attract your ideal customers, then reach out and book a call with me at www.heathergifford.com/apply.