5 Steps to Purposeful Customer Connection

Are you exhausted with your marketing?  You’ve spent loads of time, energy and invested thousands in marketing activities, infrastructures, processes …but things have changed and now you need to pivot to become a stronger business and business owners.

Perhaps you have reached a plateau in your business and you now want to find a new set of deal clients, introduce new offers?

Can I be truthful with you?  You don’t need more marketing, what you actually need is better ‘connection’.

Better connection with yourself as a business owner and leader;  Better connection with your target customers;   Better connection with your business, its core values and what it really stands for …so it stands out!

Because, here’s the thing.  There is so much information online that people are just zoning out.  Basically, they have to because if they didn’t, their central nervous systems wouldn’t cope with the bombardment of so much information.

It’s little wonder that if you’re just posting on Facebook, blogging, posting on Instagram, just boosting posts and still not getting sales …it’s because you’re not fully connecting with your ideal customers.

So, what are the 5 steps to purposefully connecting with your customers:

  1. Recognize that Vanity Visibility isn’t Purposeful Connection

Just being on social media for social media sake isn’t purposeful.  Neither is getting vanity likes and followers.  Anyone can like a post, a photo or a comment … it doesn’t mean they’re going to buy from you.   So, unless you stop the illusion that getting thousands of likes and followers equates to sales, you’re going to have a really hard time.

  1. Stop getting lost in the crowd and start standing out

Because social media is now so crowded it’s becoming impossible to stand out if you’re doing what everyone else is doing.  It’s what I call ‘sheep marketing’.   Everyone is just zoning out, following everyone else’s lead.   Because of this, your business, products or services are getting drowned out by all the ‘noise’.    By really understanding what makes you, your business, your customers, your brand, your products and services DIFFERENT, only then can you stand head and shoulders above the crowd and be really seen and heard.

  1. Know them better than they know themselves

In the book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill discusses the power of the Mastermind.  A virtual group of experts that you can address in your imagination to ask for advice and guidance.  Now, whether you buy into this or not, the truth is, your imagination and your subconscious mind is VERY POWERFUL.  It drives 95% of your day (and night) without you even realizing.   By connecting with your IDEAL customers, you can create a powerful ‘Virtual Customer Mastermind’ of your own.   You will understand them better than they know themselves and because of this, EVERYTHING in your marketing can be tailored specifically to match and resonate with them, so they’re attracted to your business like a magnet.   That’s why I use a very powerful ‘customer journeying’ process with my clients that help them see the world through the eyes of their ideal customers.  They can literally tap into the psyche of another person so understand what they love, hate, desire and their buying preferences.

  1. Speak their language, not foreign tongues

Can you imagine walking into a room full of people speaking a language you can’t understand and they can’t understand you?  And even if you tried to communicate, things would be lost in translation and in the end, you’d want to leave early, right?

This is what bad customer communication and messaging looks like in your marketing.   People land on your website and leave too soon.   People don’t understand what you’re really offering and why it would help them solve their current problem.  In fact, they just ‘sense’ that you’re not a good fit for them.

By learning the ‘language’ of your ideal customers and communicating your greatness, you will engage, inspire, delight and induce action with your target audience.

  1. Timing is of the essence

How many people in the world would buy an ice-lolly on a very cold, winters day?  Not many, huh?  The truth is so many business owners miss the mark when it comes to timing.   They don’t realize that there is a customer buying cycle; trigger points for when people are most likely to buy from you.    If you (a) don’t know what these triggers are (b) aren’t front of mind for them when this happens … then some of your competitors who have got this dialled in will scoop up your market share.    By connecting with your customers at a purposeful level, you will absolutely know divine timing.  You will be there when they need you most and if you know them well enough, you’ll create the rule of three: KNOW. LIKE. TRUST. And become their preferred supplier.

So, there you have it, the 5 things you need to know about creating purposeful connection with your ideal customers.

If you’re struggling to connect with your customers at a level that brings you consistent, reliable and predictable sales then you’re probably out of alignment in your marketing, messaging and mindset.

If you want to learn more about how to ’emotionalise’ rather than just strategies (a hyper-masculine way of marketing) so you can get your business back on track, or pivot to a stronger business position, then come and join me in our ‘6-Figure Female CEOs Scaling For Growth’ Facebook group.